QCan i delivery the screen printing machine from other supplier to your factory? then load together?

Yes, it is ok and you can let them cargo the items to our factory.We can load together in the container

QCan i transfer the screen printing machine money to you then you pay to other supplier?

Yes,it is ok You can transfer the US dollors to us together to save the bank charge on your sideAnd we can pay RMB to your other supplier,then cargo the goods to usWe can clear the custom for you.

QWhich certificate you have to your screen printing machine?

We have TUV,SGS and CE certificate to the printing machine.

QWhat standard of your screen printing machine produce?

We produce the equipment as the Europe TUV quality requirements.

QDo you have detailed and professional screen printing machine installation manual?

Yes. The installation is an issue of common concern for building indoor play center, that’s why our engineers and designers devote lots of time to improving the installation manual. Now together with installation video, the manual is detailed enough for our clients to install accordingly step by step. And our team is always ready to help solve any problem you encounter during the installation till...

QHow long it will be take from Guangzhou to Your screen printing machine factory?

It will be about 2 hours flight from Guangzhou Airport to our Wenzhou Airport.

QHow far is your screen printing machine factory from the airport?

It will be about 1 hour from the airport to our factory.