SPA Automatic Computerized UV Screen Printer

SPA Automatic Computerized UV Screen Printer

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Basic introduction:

SPA series automatic computerized UV screen printer is the innovative high-tech automatic UV printing equipment.Aimed for higher production output and faster recovery of investments, it’s equipped with intellegent micro-processor,non-stop multi color UV printing,instant UV ink dryer out,minimal maintenance required, but top UV print result,leading to the superior printer in any print workshops. The printers not only applies to do high color-to-color registration printing on garments and leathers such as nylon, tetoron, microfiber twill, satin,PVC and PU, but also fitting on printing stationery, handbags, gift boxes, such as cigarette boxes,decoration boxes,metal sheets, hard & soft plastic boards-PVC, PP, PC,PET,EVA,APET,PETG--fabric boards, glass plates, and ceramics etc in multicolors .With patents and CE certificate, State new products certificate of China approved,the machine must be the leader and surely stand in forefront of the screen printing industry.


1, New-concept UV printing techniques, 2 second UV ink dryout for 500x500mm printing area, non-stop multicolor UV printing,innovative machine design.
2, Instant UV dryer features High-speed inside air circulation, automatic temperature control system, lower electric power consumption but high curing efficiency.
3, Automatic screen positioning system with precision turntable, placidly & steady running, excellent localizer.
4, Every Squeegee and floodbar can be operated separately by independent chopper, speed adjusted by frequency,slight air pressure.
5, Imported servo motor drive system makes its running smooth, precise and quick rotation; and central control system with multipleand inter changeble languages.

Working principle and characteristics of UV oven:

I. UV curing principle:
Adding a photo initiator (or photosensitizer) to a special formulation of the resin,after absorbing the high intensity ultravioletlight in the UV curing equipment, the activated free radicals are generated, thus triggering polymerization, cross-linking and bonding reaction, so that the resinink/paintcan be changed from liquid to solid in less than 1 second.
Ii. UV curing lamp:
1. At present, the light source of UV equipment used in industry is mainly gas discharge lamp .According to the pressure of the gas in the lamp cavity, it can be divided into low pressure,medium pressure, high pressure and ultra-high pressure.
2.High-voltage lamps can generate characteristic ultraviolet (UV), visible light and infrared (IR) with strong radiation at 310nm,365nm and 410nm, among which 365nm is the main peak wave length, which is commonly used in countries around the world to solidify dry baths (UV lamp refers to the high-pressure lamp at 365nm).Because the spectrum of 365nm band is suitable for commonly used photo curing ink/paint, it is necessary to conduct photo fixation test before selecting common UV photo fixation equipment to check whether the wavelength of UV machine meets the requirement of photo fixation.
3. The reasonable refraction of UV light source and the stray light filtration of UV lamp tube are quite important,otherwise it will affect the photo fixation effect.
4.Generally, the power required by UV machine forink/paint fixation is 80-120w/cm. Too high light setting energy will cause the brittle ment of ink/paint,and too low light setting energy will not achieve the light setting effect.
5. At the same time of sending out ultraviolet UV lamp,also can produce a lot of heat, make the body temperature rising, so over the UV lamp light solid machine is equipped with convulsions device is necessary, and through the ventilation pipe will be produced in the process of curing ozone emitted to achieve cooling, so as to adapt to the work of temperature or thin coating to demand higher work..
Iii.Main features of our UV oven:
1. The oven works as a whole, with beautiful appearance and light volume, saving space.
2.Equipped with professional lamp tube power and imported light source reflector for maximum UV light refraction.

Technical parameters of mobile UV oven:



Max curing size


Max speed


Max. power


Work power



3ph, 380V, 50HZ

Fan power


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