Carousel screen printer suppliers tell you the tips for choosing pad printing heads and pad printing inks

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Carousel screen printer is a machine that uses a screen printing plate to print and is a kind of printing machine. The platen and the screen frame are all connected in series on a fixed central axis, and the platen (or screen frame) can rotate around the central axis to facilitate multi-color overprinting. It is called a rotary multi-color manual screen printing machine.

SPG Series Multi-functional Automatic Carousel Screen Printer

Carousel screen printers are used in a wide range of applications and are suitable for a variety of products. Commonly printed materials include various flat glass, plastic, film, metal, ceramics, cards, nameplate signs, etc. Screen printing was initially performed manually, with only one plate frame, one screen plate, and one stencil. It was not until the 1950s that screen printing was mechanized and automated.

Carousel screen printer consists of five elements, screen printing plate, scraper, ink, printing table, and substrate. Use the basic principle that the graphic part of the screen printing plate can pass through the ink, and the non-graphic part of the mesh cannot pass through the ink. When printing, pour ink into one end of the screen printing plate, apply a certain pressure on the ink part on the screen printing plate with a scraper, and move towards the other end of the screen printing plate at a constant speed, and the ink is moved by the scraper from the image and text during the movement. Part of the mesh is extruded onto the substrate.

Tips for Selecting Pad Printing Heads and Pad Printing Inks

The supplier of carousel screen printer tells you that in order to obtain a clear and vivid printing effect, you should pay attention to the following when selecting the pad printing head:
1. Try to choose a circular or conical pad printing head.
2. Try to choose a pad printing head with a larger angle of view.
3. If the product can withstand pressure, a harder print head should be used, because the harder rubber head has a longer life and can print clearer images. A variety of pad printing inks are flooding the market, and screen printing inks are also used in pad printing. Excellent pad printing inks must have the following characteristics:
(1) Strong adhesion to the printed surface.
(2) Excellent fluidity, some inks become slurry and cannot flow in the oil cup or oil basin.
(3) When the water thinner evaporates with the ink, it can show its viscosity.
(4) Fine pigments will make the gloss more prominent and reduce the transparency. Usually, the normal printing ink thickness is 7μm.
(5) The gloss of the ink cannot be changed by the influence of the printing surface.
(6) It can dry quickly but does not affect its viscosity.
If the ink is too thick, it will be difficult for the printing plate to be cleaned by the automatic pad printing machine, resulting in static electricity problems (hairline); if the ink is too thin, it will increase the transparency, and it will be difficult for the pad printing head to carry the ink.

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