Screen printing machine supplier tell you about the process flow and cost calculation of screen printing machine

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What is the process flow of a screen printing machine?

During the printing process, the screen printing plate and the squeegee move relative to each other, and the extrusion force F1 and the rebound force F2 also move synchronously. Dirty blots. That is, the screen is constantly deformed and rebounded during the printing stroke.

The squeegee is separated from the substrate together with the screen printing plate after the one-way printing is completed, and at the same time, the ink is returned to the back, that is, a printing cycle is completed. The distance between the top of the substrate and the reverse side of the screen printing plate after returning to ink is called the same plate distance or screen distance, which should generally be 2 to 5 mm.

When printing, the squeegee should move in a straight line without shaking left and right; it cannot be slow forward and fastback, fast forward and then slow, or suddenly slow and fast; Common problem; the printing pressure should be kept uniform; the distance between the squeegee and the inner side of the screen frame should be equal; the inked plate should be kept perpendicular to the frame.

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screen printing machine cost

Screen printing has a very wide range of applications and many types of products, so there are many factors related to cost, but in general, it can be divided into two major parts, namely manufacturing cost and sales cost. Manufacturing costs consist of direct and indirect costs. Screen printing machine is a machine that prints with a screen printing plate, which is a type of printing machine. A screen printing machine is a machine that prints text and images and is a general term for machines or equipment used to produce printed matter. The screen printing machine belongs to the representative printing equipment in the stencil printing machine. In addition to real silk, the material for making the screen can also be made of nylon wire, copper wire, steel wire, or stainless steel wire. It can be divided into a flat screen printing machine, curved screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, etc.


Tips for screen printing machine suppliers: When printing by hand, the operator's technique, and proficiency directly affect the formation of the embossing line. In practice, screen printing workers have accumulated a lot of valuable experience, which can be summarized into six points, that is, to ensure linearity, uniformity, isometric, pressure equalization, centering, and verticality in the movement of the squeegee.

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