Inventory of printing knowledge of automatic screen printing machine

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Process flow of automatic screen printing machine
 How to open the automatic screen printing machine: the power supply of the screen printing machine and the air compressor is turned on, and the starting handle of the air compressor is turned on.
    Turn on the power switch on the operation panel of the screen printing machine, and the touch-type LCD screen starts to work. At the same time, put the screen printing screen into the steel plate seat of the arm, and fix it slightly with the knob, which is convenient for the subsequent adjustment of the screen printing screen.
    If it is the first time printing white paper, first open a single time, first press the two buttons of the ink uniformity and ink uniformity knife at the same time, and then press the two buttons of the scraper and the ink scraper at the same time to go inside the screen frame, and repeat several times. Next, until the two electric eyes of the left and right hands detect the edge of the printed material, the electric eye lights are on at the same time: secondly, press start printing, stop after printing two copies, and measure whether the length of the printing is consistent with the set length. After confirming, adjust the front electric eye to the color code, the printing mode hits overprint and press Start to start printing.
In an emergency, the automatic screen printing switch can be adjusted to manual screen printing.

SPO Automatic Oval Screen Printing Machine

Which industries are automatic screen printing machines used for?
(1) Packaging and printing
The automatic screen printing machine manufacturer tells you that the main service object of the screen printing machine in the packaging industry is the screen printing industry, such as printing high-end packaging boxes, packaging bottles, cigarette packets, etc. In addition, with the continuous development of today's computer technology, various Various kinds of software are constantly appearing, especially the production of CDs for cultural entertainment, TV movies, and various publications are increasing day by day. 92% of the company logos, images, and texts on this CD are screen-printed.

(2) Crafts printing
With the development of western my country and the process of rural urbanization, the increase of ceramic tile production lines is strong. In addition, my country is a big country of ceramics. In addition to meeting a large number of domestic needs, it is also exported to more than 150 countries and regions. The screen printing of ceramic decal paper plays a pivotal role in China's screen printing industry.

(3) Advertising printing
There will be more markets for screen printing in commercial advertisements, especially electrical companies, tobacco and alcohol companies attach great importance to the role of advertising to promote their image. The timing and quality of advertisements determine the company's market share. Therefore, various electrical advertisements, outdoor advertisements, and commercial advertisements provide a broad space for screen printing.

(4) circuit printing
In the field of the electronics industry, screen printing occupies 80%. For example, to produce a TV, screen printing is used in many places, and the development of large-scale flat-panel display devices such as display screens (PALC) is increasingly inseparable from screen printing.

By printing method
(1) Flat screen printing machine
Refers to printing a flat-screen version on a flat substrate. The screen plate is installed on the printing frame and is equipped with a mechanism to control the up-and-down movement of the printing and a rubber squeegee. The automatic screen printing machine manufacturer reminds us that for each printing, the screen frame moves up and down once, and the rubber scraper moves back and forth once.

SPU Series Mini Flatbed Printing Machine

(2) Curved screen printing machine
Refers to a screen printing machine that prints on a circular substrate (cylindrical surface, elliptical surface, spherical surface, conical surface, etc.) with a flat-screen. Curved screen printing machine, the screen plate is flat, moves horizontally, the rubber scraper is fixed on the printing plate, the substrate and the screen plate move synchronously for printing, and the substrate rotates at the same linear speed as the printing plate.

(3) Electrostatic screen printing machine
Refers to the use of a stainless steel screen printing machine with good conductivity, driven by static electricity between the positive and negative electrode plates, and the powder and ink are attached to the surface of the substrate through the printing through holes. The printing plate adopts a conductive wire mesh, which is connected to the positive pole of the high-voltage power supply; the negative pole is a metal plate parallel to the printing plate; the substrate is between the two levels.

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