Flatbed screen printing machine manufacturers share the difference between flatbed screen printing press and stencil screen printing

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With the continuous development of the machinery and equipment industry, the full name of the screen printing machine is called a screen printing machine. In the printing industry, we often hear people mention flatbed screen printing and stencil screen printing. With different characteristics, many people will ask, what are the differences between the two? Flat screen printing machine manufacturer will share with you the differences between flatbed screen printing press and screen printing.

SPT Automatic Flatbed Screen Printer
1. Pattern complexity is different
Traditional silk screen printing is suitable for single-color and two-color printing, complex colors cannot be printed, and Flatbed Screen Printing Press are suitable for complex color printing;

2. The cost is different
The larger the quantity of traditional silk screen printing, the lower the price, while the price of flatbed printers is higher, and the larger the volume, the lower the price. Traditional screen printing requires a film plate-making process, which requires a lot of labor, takes a long time, and has a high scrap rate. The cost of printing processing is very high, and the screen printing dots that have been made cannot be Elimination, only large-scale production can reduce costs, and printing of small batches or individual products cannot be achieved, because every time a different sample is not printed, it is necessary to make a new plate, but UV flatbed printers do not need such a complicated process. The process of filming can be completely omitted. You only need to use PS software for simple image processing, and you can print directly after setting the parameters. One person and one computer can operate, and the UV flatbed machine is not limited by the number of prints. Even if you print The quantity is very small, and it will not cause cost loss, which has improved the problem of high costs in the printing industry.

3. The pattern effect is different
Ordinary color printing can choose silk screen printing, and 3D relief pattern printing can choose flatbed screen printing press; lithographic printing needs to use a dampening solution to realize the dot restoration of graphics and text through water and ink balance to complete the printing, while screen printing directly brushes the ink on the screen to the printed matter That's it. Flat screen printing machine manufacturers tell you that lithographic printing is what we are used to calling offset printing or offset printing. The plate material is mainly mesh cloth, which is coated with photosensitive glue on the mesh cloth to make the plate;

4. The process is different
Flat-screen printing machine manufacturers tell you that the biggest feature of lithographic printing is indirect printing. Graphics and text are transferred to printed matter through blankets, while screen printing is directly printed on the printed matter; the screen printing process is a For a more complicated process, the original manuscript is first needed, and then the plate-making and printing processes are selected according to different printing materials. There are also many types of processes. Different printing materials have different processes, and the operation process is quite troublesome. The process of UV flatbed screen printing press is relatively simple. Just put the printing material on the adsorption platform of the UV printer, select and fix the appropriate printing position, and put the pattern to be printed in the software for simple typesetting and positioning processing. Afterward, you can start printing directly with a computer, and coating and varnish treatment can be done for some that require special processes, such as printing materials with smooth surfaces such as ceramic tiles.

[1] Flatbed Screen Printing Press

Offset printing is a type of offset printing, which is widely used today and is ideal for half-color black image reproduction. In offset printing, the graphic part and the non-graphic part are comfortable on the same plane. An essential feature of offset printing is that the graphic part can absorb ink consciously, while the non-graphic part squeezes ink. Flat screen printing machine manufacturer Warm reminder, the key point of this technique is to use the natural characteristics of metal materials. The images reproduced by lithographic printing have the advantages of rich tones, clear layers, fine dots, coordinated colors, and real nature.

【2】Stencil Screen Printing
In this printing method, the printing plate is flat and the printing is done with the rotation of the impression cylinder. The manufacturer of the flat screen printing machine tells you that during the imprinting process, the movement direction of the printing plate and the roller is the same, and as with the transfer of the impression cylinder roller, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh on the printing plate. The printing plate and the scraper are different according to the shape of the substrate (curved, arc-shaped, and shaped front). The moving direction of the printing plate and the substrate is also the same, and the squeegee is fixed. This process can be used to print can plates and spheres, which means it is a curved surface printing method.

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