How to Buy a Screen Printing Machine

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A customer from the US spoke in the forum and needed some advice on the best screen printing machines. Since he owns a small print shop, he currently runs 1 monochrome press and is looking to upgrade. So this article tells you about the screen printing machine.

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【1】Space and budget
If you want to buy a screen printing machine, you need to consider the area of the store, the scope of use, and the price. As the saying goes: "How much money you can do as much as possible", whether it is for home use or business use. There are many types of screen printing machines, and the prices of different types of screen printing machines will vary. In addition, the price of screen printing machines is also affected by factors such as degree of automation, material, brand, configuration, function, and parameters. Generally, small manual screen printing machines The price is relatively cheap, ranging from -200 yuan to 500 or 600 yuan per machine; large-scale automatic screen printing machines are more expensive, generally costing several thousand yuan, and some even costing tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan.

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【2】What is a silkscreen
Screen printing is the abbreviation of "screen printing", which is a professional term in the printing industry, and the so-called screen printing is to place synthetic fiber products, silk fabrics, etc. In the printing process, the scraper is used to squeeze the plate, so that the ink can be transferred to the substrate by means of graphics and text, thus forming a graphic product like the original manuscript.
From the perspective of environmental protection, silk screen printing is essentially a polluting process. The ink barrels, developer, and cleaning wastewater produced during the plate-making process are harmful. However, silk screen printing can use various types of ink, and the layout is very soft. With a certain degree of elasticity, it is not only suitable for paper, it can also be printed on soft items such as cloth, and can even be printed on ceramics and glass.


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【3】How does the screen printing machine work
The work cycle program of the flat screen printing machine takes the flat screen plate platform monochrome semi-automatic hand screen printing machine as an example. One of its work cycles is: feeding→positioning→dropping→lowering to the inked plate, lifting Ink return plate→ink scraping stroke→raise to ink plate→lower back to ink plate→lift plate→ink return stroke→release positioning→receive.
In the continuous cycle action, as long as the function can be realized, the time taken by each action should be as short as possible, so as to shorten the period of each work cycle and improve work efficiency.
Embossed lines. In the printing process, the ink and the screen printing plate are squeezed into the inked plate, so that the screen printing plate and the substrate form a contact line, which is called the nip line. This line is at the edge of the squeegee, and countless embossed lines form the printing surface. Achieving the ideal nip is difficult because the printing stroke is a dynamic process.

In the process of continuous development of the silk screen printing industry, from traditional textile, clothing, and packaging to emerging industries such as solar energy, glass, PCB, etc., the continuous development of the transition, the continuous expansion of the application field, step by step pushes the special printing of silk screen to a new journey. The screen printing machine transmits power through the transmission mechanism, so that the squeegee squeezes the ink and the screen printing plate in motion, so that the screen printing plate and the substrate form a nip line, and the tension of the screen produces a force on the squeegee, the resilience makes the screen printing plate, not in contact with the substrate except the nip line, and the ink, under the extrusion force of the squeegee, passes through the mesh and leaks from the moving nip line to the substrate.

【4】Assembly method of screen printing machine
1. Adjustment of the parallelism between the printing plate, guide rail, and working platform
①The platform and the guide rail should be parallel. If they are not parallel, the scraper will not touch the platform with a certain pressure, and there will be a gap. Generally, this adjustment will be adjusted before the machine leaves the factory.
②The screen printing plate and the platform should also be parallel, otherwise, the screen distance will be inconsistent, causing the printing pressure and the screen printing plate to deform and become inconsistent. Therefore, the flatness of the screen frame itself must be maintained.
2. Squeegee adjustment
① To adjust the parallelism of the squeegee to the platform, adjust the left and right screw rods to adjust the height of the squeegee; the middle shaft can adjust the left and right top wires, which is actually to adjust the height of the inked plate left and right.
②The adjustment of the printing pressure is to adjust the height of the squeegee.
③The length of the squeegee cannot be adjusted, and it is generally supplied in complete sets, and each set has several different lengths for users to choose from.
3. Net distance adjustment.
① The screen distance adjustment can be realized by lowering the screen printing plate or raising the platform and generally adopting the method of raising the platform.
② The distance between the four corners of the screen printing plate must be consistent. Only when there is a compensation action for lifting the screen, the distance between the screen and the front is allowed to be larger and the rear is smaller.
4. Squeegee speed adjustment
If the scraping speed is fast, all actions will be fast, and if it is slow, all actions will be slow.

【5】How to choose an easy-to-use screen printing machine
With the continuous development of screen printing technology, screen printing equipment has also developed from manual, fully automatic, digital, and integrated, and the printing quality and grade have been significantly improved. , Not all are good. To choose a high-quality screen printing machine, the following points should be considered:
1. Printing needs
Before choosing a screen printing machine, you must first understand the printing needs, including the material size of the substrate, printing accuracy requirements, printing stability, etc., choose a suitable screen printing machine according to the needs, determine the product configuration, and fully consider whether the industrial diversification is compatible. use.
2. Product quality
When choosing a screen printing machine, we must pay great attention to the quality of the product, including the quality of the screen printing machine itself and the printing quality it uses in the work. In the selection process, the main focus is to observe whether the material and structure of the fuselage are firm and reliable. You can also try it out to know whether the finished product printed by it is perfect and high-quality, and you can also experience whether it is easy to operate.
3. Cost-effective
There are many manufacturers of screen printing machines on the market. The performance and price of screen printing machines produced by different manufacturers are different. In order to better meet your own needs, you can make more comparisons and choose one with higher quality and easier to use. and products that can meet the needs of users.

【6】The difference between semi-automatic and automatic screen printing
1. The fully automatic screen printing machine only needs one person to complete the operation, without consuming too much manpower, saving time and improving efficiency.
2. While semi-automatic is too dependent on manual production, the efficiency is lower than that of fully automatic. During the production process, semi-automatic screen printing machines need more than two people to cooperate with the operation of the machine.

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【7】Why do the prices of automatic screen printing machines vary so much?
Friends who need to know the price of a screen printing machine, in fact, the main printing factors that affect the price of a curved screen printing machine are the following: materials, accessories, assembly capabilities, and after-sales service.
1. The choice of material is one of the main factors affecting the price of the automatic screen printing machine. In fact, the reason is very simple. The thickness of the steel that looks the same in appearance is invisible. This is a big difference. The price of the thicker steel is not one or two times lower than that of the thinner steel.
In order to save material, low-quality raw materials are used for thin steel, which is light and easy to bend and rust. The screen printing machine has a stable structure, high durability, and reliable printing quality. Especially in the production process, operation stability is the top priority. The use of high-quality steel ensures smooth production without worrying about safety accidents.
2. The difference in the accessories of the automatic screen printing machine is also one of the main factors affecting the price of the screen printing machine. Some screen printing machine manufacturers will be greedy for cheap, use some accessories or parts that are slightly known, and what is more serious is the use some counterfeit accessories and parts. Parts, so some screen printing machines with particularly cheap prices should be careful.
3. The assembly ability is also one of the main factors affecting the price of the automatic screen printing machine. The curved screen printing machine installed by different masters is different. The equipment assembled by experienced masters is smooth, the various cooperation is better, and the equipment is relatively easy to use. simple. Equipment assembled by masters with weaker skills has poor stability and may take longer to break in.
4. After-sales service is actually one of the factors that affect the price of automatic screen printing machines because excellent after-sales service often requires a large cost to maintain. When purchasing equipment, after-sales service is very important. How to judge whether a company can provide good after-sales service? Long-term partners and companies that can provide good service after other materials are sold can be purchased with confidence. Companies that have never dealt with this before should go and see for themselves. Understand the strength of the company, the working atmosphere, the mental outlook of the staff, the display of equipment, etc., and you can generally see eight to nine points. One thing worth reminding is: don't ignore the after-sales service for a little price difference, it will cause many obstacles to normal production and use in the future.

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【8】Where can I buy a screen printing machine?
Many times in the screen printing industry, you can't find a screen printing machine suitable for your own production, because the standard machine often cannot meet the printing of various products. It is not that simple to buy a screen printing machine that suits your own production needs, but it does not mean that there is no such thing. When purchasing a screen printing machine, it is also necessary to understand the working conditions of the machine. Whether it can meet your own printing needs, Wenzhou Changs Machinery Co.Ltd provides you with fully automatic computerized UV screen printing machines, fully automatic textile screen printing machines, and semi-finished screen printing machines. Automatic textile printing machines, automatic flat screen printing machines, manual screen printing machines, cylinder screen printing machines, balloon screen printing machines, and screen printing accessories, etc., have a professional team with excellent technology, fast delivery, and good after-sales service.

There are many types of screen printing machines, and the prices of different types of machines are not the same, and they are also affected by the brand, parameters, functions, and degree of automation. If you want to choose an easy-to-use screen printing machine, you must consider printing needs and cost performance, Product quality, and other issues, and fully consider whether the diversification of products can be used compatible.

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