SPY-2 2 colors Pneumatic pad printer with shuttle

SPY-2 2 colors Pneumatic pad printer with shuttle

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  • Brand:Changs
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1.Microcomputer control eachs functions action,operate simple convenience.
2.Have four digits automatic arithmometer.
3.Machine architecture adopt high quality aluminium alloy,quality lightly firm.
4.Two sumps can difference alone tone school,chromatography adjustment simply convenience.
5.Print speed can regulating, as satisfy different print request.
6.Itinerary and timing fluctuation independent glues head.
7.Automatic balance able scraper, scrape China ink neat and tidy.
8.Can front and back blank line not fall glue head,prevent a little a vasts times printing ink dry solid.
9.Possess automatic blow gas loft-dried function.
10.oil gun ink, install tear open and washing convenience.


Model SPY-2 SPY-2A
Number of printing colors available 2Color 2Color
Cylinder vertical stroke 80mm 80mm
Cylinder horizontal stroke 125mm 200mm
Maximum steel plate dimensions 100x100mm 100x150mm
Minimum steel plate dimensions 100x75mm 100x75mm
Worktable dimension 128x140mm 128x140mm
Maximum printing object height 150mm 150mm
Maximum printing diameter Φ90mm Φ90mm
Maximum printing rate 1100PCS/h 1100PCS/h
Maximum pad printing pressure 1155N(6bar) 1155N(6bar)
Air consumption 90L/Min(6Bar) 90L/Min(6Bar)
voltage 220V/50HZ ,50W 220V/50HZ ,50W
Machine weight 140kg 160kg
Machine dimensions 650x580x1220mm 860×580×1220mm

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